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The future of the unofficial Hobby Hangout and SomeDudeOnYoutube. Input needed.

So this happened quicker then expected. Yesterday on the 44th uHH I hit 100 subs on Twitch. It’s a nice number. Not as nice as 42 or 69 to be honest but feels like „a little big step“. SomeDudeOnYouTube is at 55. Also a nice number.

So now what? I never imaged doing it for that long in the first place (mainly because I hoped The Event (remain indoors) would be over by now. Silly me.) and never would have thought I’d be doing interesting enough stuff for 100 people wanting to listen to me ramble. (Truth be told I mostly blame Gerry for most of the enjoyment people are having because, lets face it, nobody has more to say on all things tiny fighting men or SAGA (for example) than he does.)

So where to now? Should I do something special in the next uHH? Do we ignore it? Have you lot any ideas?

What I actually wanted to say: thank you all for making my Tuesdays fun. Especially you Gerry. :) Now back to business. go on. Nothing to see here. Move along.

[Sidenote: I’m guessing if Fogou ever starts doing official SAGA terrain there would be someone’s head going *pop* Come to think of they, they probably already did that and I’m just too ignorant]