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Call to action: NSFW minis

So after my last stream on twitch I had this idea of curating a list of the most naughty, NSFW and weird 28mm minis there is. But I can’t do this alone. I need the hobby hive mind to collect all the minis. Please let me know of any minis that are:

  • 28mm ‚ish (so 25 – 32 is also ok. The „standard“ size for humans)
  • preferably links to unpainted but build minis
  • No oversized monsters
  • No „dioramas“ or sets unless the minis are only available in such a form
  • Name of the sculptor (if known)

I will collect all your input and then make either a video or a blog post from it, depending on how much feedback I get.

Thank you for your efforts!