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Battlefield Bones by Morgue Miniatures – Part 2

As I have written earlier here there is a new Kickstarter by Morgue Miniatures.

And it’s live now!

Anf they do look lovely though the per mini cost has gone up some for non-UK backers. Brexit, metal prices and all. Still a very nice bunch of skellibobs. It’s 54€ + P&P for 7 dead dudes. But they really are something special yet again. Also: if you already where planning on buying stuff from MM’s etsy store you can save on postage and get it delivered as one parcel. Just let them know.

Give ‚em some love (and money) so that the goal will be met. At the time of rating it’s still running for 6 days.

4 more Skeleton RPG Miniatures & head sprue: Hellions

Ihr erinnert euch vielleicht noch an den sehr netten untoten Zentauer? Die netten Leute hinter dem Kickstarter machen einen neuen Kickstarter. Noch mehr Untote und diesmal ist der Zentauer bewaffnet!

Und um das ganze noch etwas interessanter zu machen: Wenn ihr alle 4 Modelle kauft, gibt es 4 Ork Köpfe dazu. Passend für Herr der Ringe, Oathmark und ähnliche.

Worauf wartet ihr also noch? Los, hin da! ;) Der Kickstarter läuft noch 6 Tage.

From start to finish in 2 months

As you may remember not long ago I backed some cute skellibobs on Kickstarter. Well, the Kickstarter was successful on the 17th July and on the 19th August I already had the minis in hand.

But not only the 4 backed skellibobs but also a bonus. As a thank you because I was talking about their KS all the time. Again: thank you. And now for some paints!

I think they have turned out nice. But we need some more pictures.

I really like the end result and I’m curios on what Morgue Miniatures will get off the boat next…