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[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #174 Home stretch.

This weeks links:

Pilgrimage to GenCon 2023

Draconis does…. Kings of War Vanguard

Victorian science fiction

Shadowed Horizons

Medieval Mayhem – A Barons War Project

Painting The Age Of Beowulf & Beyond

Circus Maximus

Collins Does Star Wars Legion

Ragnarök rises – Valhalla The Cardgame

From the workbench of the esteemed Horati0nosebl0wer

Marvelling at a Crisis on Infinite Protocols

Avast, mateys! – Assembling ‘Raise the Black’ starter box and launching a game group


[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #173 War – War never changes. Except weapons, armour, uniforms, scale…

This weeks links:

Orcs & Goblins: the Old World

Heer, there and everywhere : Adventures in Bolt Action

Napoleon of the West

Infinity Beyond Icestorm – Assembly

The Emerald Court Under Heaven

Stuff what I been painting

Redvers and Son Get Into Bushido

Ulthuan resurgent

Wee Free Men

The Empire Responds to the invasion of the Uruk Hai

Draconis does…. Kings of War Vanguard

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #171 And so it begins!

This weeks links:

PanzerKaput Goes To Barons’ War

Silver Bayonet 1850

Orcs & Goblins: the Old World

Ewoks’ Kitbash Gallery

Stargrave – The Talons of Solubris

Rigging…all the rigging – Black Seas

I’ll be working on this stuff forever…


Cadre of Mesme Ukos Refresh

Sharp Practice – ACW for Pennies on the Dollar.

Soldiers of Rome

Whimsical Fantasy Miniatures

TheHobbyLodge does Moonstone