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[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #176 We lost a Ben!

This weeks links:

Marvelling at a Crisis on Infinite Protocols

40k Terrain

Forging a Dynasty

Draconis does…. Kings of War Vanguard

Silver Bayonet

Orcs & Goblins: the Old World

Retro Retro Retro

Gorram Gets Spooky

Kings of War – Shadowed Horizons Campaign

Naval battles in the Dystopian Age: Elmir’s Dystopian War VLOG/PLOG

Grey v Blue – resurrection of my 6mm ACW

Sharp Practice – ACW for Pennies on the Dollar.

A project DOOMED to fail


[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #175 Finally fall… I think.

Beekeeper Vs Witchfinder

Chasing the Bad Moon

Circus Maximus

The dwarf gunline

Elessar2590: The Fall of Singapore

PanzerKaput Goes To Barons’ War


Let Slip A Dog Of War

Ewoks’ Kitbash Gallery

Malifaux Title Masters

Sculpting and designing a new game

Guillotine’s Penintent Crusade

From 40K to Role Play

Kings of War – Shadowed Horizons Campaign

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #173 War – War never changes. Except weapons, armour, uniforms, scale…

This weeks links:

Orcs & Goblins: the Old World

Heer, there and everywhere : Adventures in Bolt Action

Napoleon of the West

Infinity Beyond Icestorm – Assembly

The Emerald Court Under Heaven

Stuff what I been painting

Redvers and Son Get Into Bushido

Ulthuan resurgent

Wee Free Men

The Empire Responds to the invasion of the Uruk Hai

Draconis does…. Kings of War Vanguard

This weeks links:

Christman 2023 – Secret Satan!

Spring cleaning Challenge: Blanchitsu Aeldari

Spring Clean 2023. Painting everything from 2022

Frontier North Trading Post board

Rising from the Ashes – Jodain’s Spring Clean

SAGA Challenge

The Ballad of Bradicles

Dreadball – by Coach Ugleb

Collins builds the world of the walking dead

Over the top

Heer, there and everywhere : Adventures in Bolt Action

Middle Earth Mega Project

Entropy City (I’m Making a Wargame WIP)

Skew dice – d6

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #167 Downtime incoming

This weeks links:

Space 2021 – A Star Saga

Volvos in space – a spring cleaning challenge

American War of Independence: British

REBELS AND REDCOATS-War in the colonies

American Civil War – The Regiment from country roads West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River

On to Richmond/Washington select your favourite option

AWI – Liberty or Death Project

Confederate army

In 11 Days, We Ambush

2023 Miniature Log

Defenders of the Tavern – Kings of War Dwarfs

House Of Water Terrain Collection



[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #165 sweating bullets

This weeks links:

A bugs life

Taking the battle to the high seas: Spring Clean

Headed to the cleaners? Its time to join the league

Spring Cleaning US Airborne

That was an awfully big Marine

Glass men and other Frostgrave constructs

The Garden Gnome

High Elves Spring Clean Challenged 2.0

Spring cleaning: finishing off the Dead or Alive posse for Wild West Exodus.

Robin paints Genestealer Cults

Spring Clean Challenge Giger’s Genestealers

Begun, another Legion project has.

Clash of Katanas – Clan Takeda

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #164 boiling metal

This weeks links:

Have Hobby Will Travel (2023)

Return to Lord of the Rings

Middle Earth Mega Project

Sharp Practice – ACW for Pennies on the Dollar.

Necromunda – Nerfing my way Back into the UnderHive

15mm Necromunda (onepagerules)

15mm Warhammer Fantasy Army

SAGA Challenge

Manda’s (Amachan) ‘Oiling Up’ Project


Resolution 2023: Race Against Raging Heroes