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Update to: BattleTech: Mercenaries – CGL does a shipping booboo? Internet rages!

A short update on the Kickstarter Battletech Shipping situation. (See here)

They did lower shipping to 27.23USD but I still felt that on a 80USD pledge that was too high for „local shipping charges“. Thankfully CGL in an update already said „if you still feel to be charged too much, message us“. So I messaged them.

Hello Tim,After researching, we can do a $13.88 discount on shipping or $60 in credit on the CGL store. Which would you prefer?

If you would like a store credit, please reply with the email address associated with your Catalyst account.
Hello Tim, After researching, we can do a $13.88 discount on shipping or $60 in credit on the CGL store. Which would you prefer? If you would like a store credit, please reply with the email address associated with your Catalyst account.

Another discount of 13.88USD on shipping? Yeah, I can live with that. Now all is paid and the waiting for delivery begins!

4′ Mech! 8)

BattleTech: Mercenaries – CGL does a shipping booboo? Internet rages!

So the fulfilment of the latest BattleTech Kickstarter „Mercenaries“ is drawing near. Backerkit has already collected the VAT for the pledge. All fine. Now the want to collect postage & delivery fees. Also fine except one thing:

In the campaign CGL said „local shipping rates“ would be to be expected for 90% of all backers. (see picture from campaign)

Now, here in Germany the main delivery service is Deutsche Post/DHL and a 10kg box, 500€ insured, tracked and up to 120 x 60 x 60 cm comes in at 10,49€.

Let’s have a peak on what backerkit is trying to charge:

$35.46 or 32,85€ – more than three times the usual shipping rate. Or almost 50% of my original pledge.

So how did this happen? Did CGL get greedy? I doubt it. Has Backerkit fucked up at some point and is calculating shipping from the US and not the promised EU hub? Maybe? Is there even a EU hub yet? I don’t know. Did some programmer just simply fucked their code up? Also a possibility. Easy to guess that the KS comments and the Facepage groups are „a bit up in arms“ right now.

And what does CGL say? I quote from the KS comments:

Hi there backers,

We have received notifications from backers that the shipping charges for orders, primarily internationally, have been above what was expected for this project. This is to say, we absolutely agree.

For some context, these are not charges that have been generated by BackerKit or Catalyst ourselves. Our fulfillment house has generated these shipping charges based on the current price of shipping as they see it and how it is to be shipped (PO boxes, sizes and amount of boxes to effectively ship, etc.) These charges are not meant to make profit on any backer’s order as they are being paid separately by us.

While we knew going with a higher quality shipper would be pricier, we did not know it would be to this level for some of you. There could be packing inefficiencies with especially small and large orders that could be leading to higher shipping charges to the best of our knowledge. We’ve spent last night spot-checking and pulling some of the more pricey charges to bring to our fulfillment house to see exactly how these charges are being calculated. If there is any part of these charges that does not seem correct to us, we will let you know and have these charges re-evaluated, likely pushing back our lock date.

There is a chance that these charges are correct and this is just the state of mass distribution. If that is the case, Loren and the distribution team plan to come up with a solution to help us stand with our backers.

We can assume that they will not be able to get back to us until after Easter weekend, where we should have a statement that I will post here updating all of you about the re-evaluation.

My next steps will be:

  • sit back
  • watch the mob run around headlessly with torches and pitchforks
  • have a cup of coffee
  • and wait till end of next week.

If it’s an honest mistake it will be sorted. If someone just fucked it up it will get sorted. If CGL comes forth and says „yeah, those *are* the shipping cost“ then I will grab my torch and fork and join the mob.

Have any of you backed at higher levels? How are your shipping costs looking?


Morgue Miniatures haben wieder einen kleinen feinen Kickstarter gestartet.

Mouse Mates
A new range of 28mm Mouse Adventurers from Morgue Miniatures

Und wie jedes mal sind die Minis einfach nur zum verlieben. 3 kleine Mäusekrieger aus Metal im 28mm Maßstab.

Für den Deutschen Markt werden 22GBP fällig, was ungefähr 26€ entspricht. Porto ist bereits darin enthalten aber vermutlich vom noch einmal Zoll dazu. Damit landet man dann bei ca. 31€. Damit sind die Minis leider kein Schnäppchen mehr aber sie sind dafür auch sehr einzigartig. Ob für die Vitrine, als Alternative für Maus & Mystik oder für Mausritter. Oder Burrows and Badgers.

Wenn ihr also ein paar kleine Nager braucht, schaut doch mal rein in den Kickstarter:

Old school metal skeletons – Shambling Bones Kickstarter

So you all know I love myself metal miniatures with a classic design. Tomorrow will see the launch of the Shambling Bones Kickstarter from BeQuest Miniatures. Click the link to get to the KS project landing page.

Currently I have no information on the cost or fulfilment time or anything else but since the maker (Jonas Marquardt) is from Germany and working with a German miniatures shop Hagen Miniatures I’m pretty sure this first Kickstarter from Jonas is going to go well. At least I hope so.

Here are some pictures of the minis:


Shambling Bones Kickstarter starts 24.03.23 8AM CET / 7AM GMT. 14 highly detailed hand sculpted white metal spin cast miniatures.


You can find BeQuest Miniatures in all these places:





Get Ready for BattleTech: Mercenaries

Well well well… time moves fast. Yesterday CGL already shared details on the Battletech Mercenaries Kickstarter.

At first I was all „oh no! the last KS was much cheaper“. And *technically* I am correct. My last pledge was:

Clan Invasion:
Pledge US$ 50 or more

Command an entire Star of the Clans‘ finest war machines. This pledge rewards you with a new piece of BattleTech fiction (digital format, delivered during the campaign), a copy of the Clan Invasion box set, and your choice of available Clan Challenge Coins.


Free Short Story (digital format, delivered during the campaign)
Clan Challenge Coin
Clan Invasion Box Set

So ignoring all the stretch goals that was 5 mechs for 50 USD

Now if we take a closer look on the Merc box picture we see:

Vehicle count: 4
1 Challenge Coin
„Double Blind“ digital novel
4″ Timber Wolf

That is 8 ‚mech for 80 USD (same price per mini) PLUS you get 4 vehicles and a 4″ display Mad Cat/Timber Wolf.

So did the „base pledge for new product“ get more expensive? Yes. Do we get more stuff? Also yes. It’s still „more money“ and there is no news yet on what shipping and import fees might add up to.

But I am excited!

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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Basing project from 1980s me.

What do i do with this grey Battletech stuff?

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Aeon Trespass: Odyssey (ATO) by Lawnor

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Battlefield Bones by Morgue Miniatures – Part 2

As I have written earlier here there is a new Kickstarter by Morgue Miniatures.

And it’s live now!

Anf they do look lovely though the per mini cost has gone up some for non-UK backers. Brexit, metal prices and all. Still a very nice bunch of skellibobs. It’s 54€ + P&P for 7 dead dudes. But they really are something special yet again. Also: if you already where planning on buying stuff from MM’s etsy store you can save on postage and get it delivered as one parcel. Just let them know.

Give ‚em some love (and money) so that the goal will be met. At the time of rating it’s still running for 6 days.

4 more Skeleton RPG Miniatures & head sprue: Hellions

Ihr erinnert euch vielleicht noch an den sehr netten untoten Zentauer? Die netten Leute hinter dem Kickstarter machen einen neuen Kickstarter. Noch mehr Untote und diesmal ist der Zentauer bewaffnet!

Und um das ganze noch etwas interessanter zu machen: Wenn ihr alle 4 Modelle kauft, gibt es 4 Ork Köpfe dazu. Passend für Herr der Ringe, Oathmark und ähnliche.

Worauf wartet ihr also noch? Los, hin da! ;) Der Kickstarter läuft noch 6 Tage.