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5 years on madness, 5 years of SomeDudeOnYouTube

On February 18th 2019 I started a YouTube channel as a joke on Warren from as he constantly told stuff he found on the internet was from „some dude on YouTube“.

Being someone who really runs with a bad joke when I get’s on into his brain, I had to do this:

Admittedly it took me some time to make the video and I was almost April so why not push it to April 1st? (Hence why there are two earlier videos on that channel)

As you can see if you watch that old video, I’m nowhere to be seen or heard. That because I was terrified on the thought of putting myself out there with my face and voice. Stage fright of the highest magnitude.

And it would have possibly stayed that way hadn’t „the event“ happened and forced us all to stay at home. So almost a year later to the day I started doing the unofficial Hobby Hangout on twitch with later uploads to YouTube.

And after a few years I event went in and made a channel on a PeerTube instance. Just in case YouTube would kill the channel because I was making too many bad jokes or something.

And now, 5 years later the 200th episode of the uHH is just two weeks away. Wow what a ride.

Did I learn anything in the last 5 years? Oh yes. Besides acquiring some video editing skills with OpenShot and Magix Vegas Pro, using OBS, Droidcam and TouchPortal I became a bit more confident in front of the camera. Still can’t stand my voice though.

I’ve met a lot of lovely people along the way. Biggest thank you at this point to all my guests on my shows, especially Gerry. Without his vast knowledge in all things tiny fighting men the uHH surely wouldn’t be where it is today. Also big thanks to all subscribers on YouTube, PeerTube and especially Twitch.

Bets are off on how long I’ll keep this running. Your guess is as good as mine. See you all tonight on twitch *g*