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You win! I give up!

I have had it.

I can’t stand it any more.

At first I wanted to reveal this to the world at tomorrows unofficial Hobby Hangout but I can’t take the pressure any more.

You lot win. I cave.

I have bought a 3D printer. I ordered a Saturn 3 Ultra 12K.

From now on I will focus on STL and all that shite.

Hope you are happy now!

I’m off clearing space for the bloody thing.

It’s not there yet! Told you so!

So the guys from The Painting Phase had a talk to Rhys Knight, the community manager at My Mini Factory. And he of all people who are into 3D printing has said the following:

„Actual 3D printers themselves are nowhere near as plug and play as YouTubers would let you believe. They are like printers from the 80s.“

And if THE GUY making 3D printing his sole business concept is saying that I tend to believe that. Especially since it strengthens my point: 3D Printing is witchcraft and black magic!

So what’s the point of this post? None! Other than that it shows I’m right! 8) *g*

To see the complete video go here:

The part I snipped is at 40:00