Yub nub! – Why now?

Seriously? You’ve had this lined up AMG and decided to release it AFTER May 4th? Who’s in control over your marketing? Ferengis?

So five minutes ago AMG announced the following:

Yub nub! We are thrilled to welcome Wicket, Logray, the Ewok warriors of Bright Tree Village, and an Endor AT-ST – piloted by either Chewbacca or General Weiss – to STAR WARS: Legion.

Let’s brake that down:

Star Wars: Legion – Ewok Warriors Unit Expansion
Item No. SWL109EN

An iconic race joins the Rebel cause in this new pack for Star Wars™: Legion! Natives of the forest moon of Endor, Ewoks may be short of stature and limited to primitive technology, but they are quick learners who cannot be underestimated. This pack adds a unit of six Ewoks and two unit cards that let players decide if they’re armed with slings or spears to players‘ Rebel armies or the new Bright Tree Village Battle Force. Joining them are an Axe Ewok miniature that can fill the unit’s heavy weapon slot and an Ewok Trapper miniature that can fill its personnel slot. Rounding out this pack are five upgrade cards that give players options for customizing their Ewoks to fit their own play style.

Price $39.99

Star Wars: Legion – Logray & Wicket Commander Expansion
Item No. SWL110EN

Two heroic Ewoks come to Star Wars™: Legion to help bring down the Empire in this pack! The brave and resourceful Wicket W. Warrick and Logray proved instrumental in helping the Rebels bring down the Imperial shield generator during the battle of Endor and this pack adds these iconic Ewoks as new Commander choices for Rebel armies and the new Bright Tree Village Battle Force. In addition to miniatures of these characters and their unit cards, this pack also provides players with new unit cards for C-3PO and Chewbacca that reflect their time on Endor during Return of the Jedi, giving players even more ways to use them in battle! Finally, five upgrade cards round out this pack, inviting players to further customize their Ewok forces.

Price $29.99

Star Wars: Legion – AT-ST Walker Expansion
Item No. SWL138EN (Replaces SWL08)

The intimidating Imperial AT-ST returns to Star Wars: Legion! Featuring new engineering that allows for a better assembly experience, the AT-ST in this pack adds firepower to any army. Additionally, the miniature in this pack now features new customization options, allowing players to assemble it with General Weiss or Chewbacca in the top hatch. Finally, this pack includes both the Imperial unit card and the Chewbacca unit card found in SWL110 – Logray & Wicket, inviting players to explore all the possibilities this unit has to offer right away.

Price $64.99

So the last entry is interesting. It replaces the old AT-ST (It’s already gone from the Asmodee shop page) features a „new engineering that allows for a better assembly experience“. Did they re-tool the complete kit? That would be interesting. Additionally you get two pilots (both look a bit too cartoony for my taste but that might just be the paint job). But thankfully you don’t need to buy the complete set only for the Chewbacca cards as they are also found in the „Logray & Wicket Commander Expansion“.

But again, why just now? WHY not yesterday? I don’t get it! Anyhow, where is my pre-order page from my FGS?