[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #179 Airbrushing vs rattle can

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Steel Fist Samurai

144artist Populates the Damocles Sector or Creating a System Agnostic Science Fiction Miniatures Collection

Oldhammer Waaaagh (Orcs & Goblins)

Napoleon of the West

Mordheim in the Cursed City of Ulfenkarn

Terrain for SAGA



Blood and Crowns

Moonstone and Printable Scenery Unite!

The Empire Responds to the invasion of the Uruk Hai

Lonkelo dives into Kill Team

The Other Partizan 2023 Show Report

It’s not there yet! Told you so!

So the guys from The Painting Phase had a talk to Rhys Knight, the community manager at My Mini Factory. And he of all people who are into 3D printing has said the following:

„Actual 3D printers themselves are nowhere near as plug and play as YouTubers would let you believe. They are like printers from the 80s.“

And if THE GUY making 3D printing his sole business concept is saying that I tend to believe that. Especially since it strengthens my point: 3D Printing is witchcraft and black magic!

So what’s the point of this post? None! Other than that it shows I’m right! 8) *g*

To see the complete video go here:

The part I snipped is at 40:00

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #178 official Hobby Hangover

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HOBBY FUNDAMENTALS – What all mini painters should know

An Ewok Transformed

Tales of a hobby butterfly

Project Firefight

The Empire Responds to the invasion of the Uruk Hai

6mm Napoleonic (& others) Terrain

From the “Weird” Workbench of Zebraoutrider

Scribbs’ Incidental Diversions

7TV Dracula Campaign Playthrough

The Voyages of the ‘Fluffy Bunny’

Empire of Sonnstahl

Strange New Worlds – a TerrainFest of alien forestry

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #177 Prepare your terrain!

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Saga “The Old Worldish”

Lonkelo dives into Kill Team

Under construction

Project Firefight

The Zomb

PanzerKaput Goes To Barons’ War

This Town Ain’t Big Enough

Retro Retro Retro

Circus Maximus

Draconis does…. Kings of War Vanguard

Spring cleaning Challenge: Blanchitsu Aeldari


Heer, there and everywhere : Adventures in Bolt Action


Ende Gelände! … Ne, Käse! Genau das Gegenteil!

Die lieblichen Chaoten drüben von https://www.ontabletop.com (ehedem Beasts of War) haben sich überlegt: Wir alle haben zwar gewaltige Berge an Minis (bemalt, unbemalt und alle Stadien dazwischen) aber so richtige Berge, Wälder und Felder nicht. Also Gelände zum drin Spielen. Häuser, Türme, Ruinen, Raumhäfen und so weiter.

Was liegt also näher als im Okt…. Orkt…. SPORKTOBER [1] (also vom 01.10. bis zum 31.10.) zum gemeinschaftlichen Gelände bauen aufzurufen.

Natüüüüüürlich mit einem Haken. Einen kleinen. Es wird darum gebeten den Prozess und Fortschritt in deren eigenem Projektsystem fest zu halten und auf den sozialen Medien zu teilen.

How Can You Get Involved?

Participation is a breeze! Simply follow these steps:

    1. Create a FREE account on the OnTableTop website.
    2. Create a project in our Project System. For a shortcut to the Add Project Page, Click Here.
    3. When creating your project, use the category „TerrainFest 2023“ which you’ll find under the Related Contest Filter.
    4. Build, paint, and share your terrain project throughout October, from the 1st to the 31st.

Aber das tolle ist: man kann auch was gewinnen! Nämlich VIEL MEHR GELÄNDE!

Our Prize Bundle Includes…

  • Battlezone Fronteris: Nachmund

  • Orks: Big ‘ed Bossbunka

  • Sector Imperialis Ruins

  • Battlezone Mechanicus: Galvanic Magnavent

  • Sector Mechanicus: Sacristan Forgeshrine

Na, das ist doch was! Also legt euch euer Zeug bereit und los geht’s! Aber nicht vergessen fleißig Fotos zu machen!

Link zur Kampagne: https://bit.ly/Join-TerrainFest-2023


[1] Midwinter Minis kann sich nicht entscheiden ob es Orktober oder Spooktober ist also mache ich das zum SpOrkTober. Details beim MwM.

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #176 We lost a Ben!

This weeks links:

Marvelling at a Crisis on Infinite Protocols

40k Terrain

Forging a Dynasty

Draconis does…. Kings of War Vanguard

Silver Bayonet

Orcs & Goblins: the Old World

Retro Retro Retro

Gorram Gets Spooky

Kings of War – Shadowed Horizons Campaign

Naval battles in the Dystopian Age: Elmir’s Dystopian War VLOG/PLOG

Grey v Blue – resurrection of my 6mm ACW

Sharp Practice – ACW for Pennies on the Dollar.

A project DOOMED to fail


[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #175 Finally fall… I think.

Beekeeper Vs Witchfinder

Chasing the Bad Moon

Circus Maximus

The dwarf gunline

Elessar2590: The Fall of Singapore

PanzerKaput Goes To Barons’ War


Let Slip A Dog Of War

Ewoks’ Kitbash Gallery

Malifaux Title Masters

Sculpting and designing a new game

Guillotine’s Penintent Crusade

From 40K to Role Play

Kings of War – Shadowed Horizons Campaign




[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #174 Home stretch.

This weeks links:

Pilgrimage to GenCon 2023

Draconis does…. Kings of War Vanguard

Victorian science fiction

Shadowed Horizons

Medieval Mayhem – A Barons War Project

Painting The Age Of Beowulf & Beyond

Circus Maximus

Collins Does Star Wars Legion

Ragnarök rises – Valhalla The Cardgame

From the workbench of the esteemed Horati0nosebl0wer

Marvelling at a Crisis on Infinite Protocols

Avast, mateys! – Assembling ‘Raise the Black’ starter box and launching a game group


[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #173 War – War never changes. Except weapons, armour, uniforms, scale…

This weeks links:

Orcs & Goblins: the Old World

Heer, there and everywhere : Adventures in Bolt Action

Napoleon of the West

Infinity Beyond Icestorm – Assembly

The Emerald Court Under Heaven

Stuff what I been painting

Redvers and Son Get Into Bushido

Ulthuan resurgent

Wee Free Men

The Empire Responds to the invasion of the Uruk Hai

Draconis does…. Kings of War Vanguard