[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #119 Because of Dragons


My Second Diorama

“Über die Brücke” (A Spring Cleaning Challenge – 30 years late!) with Zebraoutrider

sometimes the world needs a hero

Making a Scene (as usual)

Christmas Truce Diorama

Xmas Present – Modelling – Theme: “A Storm in a Teacup”

Briefcase Battles

Star Wars Republic forward command center

Rocky Terrain Refresh – A Spring Clean

Spring clean challenge… Cry me a river


[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #118 yes, it’s a thing!

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Thanks to Ben from https://www.youtube.com/c/BecauseOfDragons for joining in with us this week. Visit his blog at: https://becauseofdragons.blogspot.com/

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #117 reaching boiling temps

This weeks links:


I said I’d be back

Robin paints Genestealer Cults

Husaria – Building a Polish army for the 1620s

The Barons War – Free book adventure

Stargrave Bestiary

Not Another Slaine Project!

Faith is our armour

Oldhammer Armada!

2mm Strength & Honour

Adventures in the Frozen City

Resolution 2022: Hobby Bingo!



unofficial Hobby Hangout #116 Cloud goes BOOM!

This weeks links:

A journey back into 40k, and back in tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

Catachan Jungle Fighters

TheHobbyLodge does Moonstone

BATTLE of the BULGE…..Mega Project!

Husaria – Building a Polish army for the 1620s

Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2022 – Assorted Projects

Ottoman Turks

Steel Fist Samurai

Zebraoutrider digs a Stargrave (Spring Clean Challenge 2022 – Part 2)

Uruk Hai, the return! And more……..much much more

Magic and Tech: Development

Project Firefight

Battlefield Bones by Morgue Miniatures – Part 2

As I have written earlier here there is a new Kickstarter by Morgue Miniatures.

And it’s live now!

Anf they do look lovely though the per mini cost has gone up some for non-UK backers. Brexit, metal prices and all. Still a very nice bunch of skellibobs. It’s 54€ + P&P for 7 dead dudes. But they really are something special yet again. Also: if you already where planning on buying stuff from MM’s etsy store you can save on postage and get it delivered as one parcel. Just let them know.

Give ‚em some love (and money) so that the goal will be met. At the time of rating it’s still running for 6 days.